SSL Security Solutions

Online security is essential to conducting business online — and it's foremost in the minds of your customers. All of the following SSL Certificates come with 'https' in your Web site address and a closed padlock symbol in your browser window to assist with displaying the confidence both you and your customers should have when transacting on your website.

There are two main benefits to an SSL certificate: First, it acts like an online ID card, proving that your site has been checked out and verified by a certificate authority. Second, it creates a secure, encrypted connection (a Secure Sockets Layer) between your web server and visitors’ browsers, ensuring that any information they send can’t be seen or read by anyone else. Which ultimately means your customers will feel a lot more comfortable doing business with you, because they know that their personal information is in good hands.

Quick and easy SSL certificates.
  • Over 99% browser compatibility, plus most mobile device browsers
  • Strong 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit root
  • Automatic authentication and issuance in just minutes

Protect 1 Website

we offer $69.99/year

This is for 1 (one) website protection. Example:

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Protect Multiple Websites

we offer $134.99/year

This is for Multiple Domains UCC protection. Example:,,,

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Protect All Sub-domains

we offer $269.99/year

This is for Multiple sub-domains UCC protection. Example:,

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