SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To attract quality web traffic, your website needs to appear on the first page of the search results. More than 90% of people searching for products and services don’t look past the first page. We have the experience and knowledge to make search engine optimisation work for your company, boosting your website traffic and generating sales opportunities.

We deliver top 50 ranking in organic search results on Google and other search engines while providing top notch on and off-site SEO work. Besides, we optimize your business for Google Maps and Local Directories to drive targeted local visitors from your city or town.

We create and manage your profile on multiple social networks, engaging with your clients, running promotions and increasing "Likes". Moreover, we can improve brand awareness and visibility on search engines, social networks and directories which will help increase traffic.

Local SEO

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ptimizing your website to appear in the local searches whenever a user in your area looks up for something related to your services.

SEO Services

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Our SEO is a technique to make a website search engine friendly so that it gets favourable ranking. We provide with comprehensive deals to manage your Adwords campaigns.

eCommerce SEO

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Most pages/content of an e-Commerce website are similar. You want to dedicate a few hours a day doing SEO for yourself.

What is SEO?

It is the name given to set of practices we do to make our websites more visible on various search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Because different search engines decide page rank on different criteria, we need to optimize the site accordingly to please each individual search engine. The ultimate goal is to make your site popular either by gaining social popularity or through development of traffic generating links.

Search engine optimization serves as a powerful technique by which we can rank our website better than that of competitors. The aim of effective SEO is to make the site more visible in the results of relevant keywords searches. Search Engine Optimization is the only way by which we can get enhanced traffic to our website. This technique involves a number of processese. Some website owners desire to increase the traffic only but the enhanced traffic doesn’t necessarily means boost in business revenue. If SEO is done through professionals, results would be better in terms of both traffic and revenue. SEO is being used by the website owners all over the world for improving visibility of their website on different search engines.

The key to good SEO is optimising for different searches patterns like local search, image search, video search, news search, industry- specific search or academic search. The main consideration of SEO is based upon the working of search engines, requirements of people and the keywords or related words typed into the search engines. It is planned in accordance to preferences and practices of targeted client segment.

Why SEO is important?

The importance of search engine can be understood with some basic facts. If potential buyers does not find places, addresses or telephone numbers of your business with ease, your company misses out on potential business. These potential buyers would find other providers of your service much more easily. Traffic to your website could be very poor. Website owners may wrongly put this poor traffic down to other factors such as the result of a weak economy or other local factors. Today, the internet has become a thriving and relentless market place. Countless websites are trying to seek attention of potential clients. As an internet user, for every keyword search, we get only ten results on first page and we hardly ever explore the results past the first page. The results present on 2nd, 3rd and 4th page are visited only in specific and rare cases. In a search it is found that only about 40% of users visit the second page of search engine results and just about 30% that visits the third page.

If your site appears on second page instead of first for a specific keyword search, it means that you are losing a significant part of potential business. This is where SEO professionals can help you draw that traffic back to your website.

What is SMO?

Just like search engine optimization (SEO) is a must to increase your online visibility, Social Media Optimization (SMO) is one of the hottest approaches in recent times to make your online marketing strategy stronger. The internet space is an expansive world and there are many more ways apart from search engines that drive traffic to your website. Social media sites like blogs, Facebook, Google+, etc. are driving this revolution and your business must be ready to adapt to this trend that is here to stay.

So what is social media optimization? It is the process of incorporating social media channels to increase the awareness of a particular brand online. Awareness can be driving traffic to the website, generating a positive buzz amongst social circles and even consumption of content by means of sharing, viral popularity, etc. Social media includes social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.); blogging sites; social news and bookmarking sites (Reddit, Digg, etc.).

Another important factor to consider SMO is that it is closely related to SEO. Search engines take into consideration a brand’s social signals while ranking it. Google’s introduction of Google Authorship that requires content generators to link all their online work to one space – their Google+ profiles, is the proof that a brand’s waves across social media matter to search engines. Since we identify with both SEO and SMO, we can marry the two and provide you optimum results efficiently at the best prices.

How to improve website traffic?

If you are the proud owner of a website then you would be looking for various ways of increasing the traffic to your portal. Even the best designed website is of no use without relevant traffic. Here comes the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is the set plans and execution of different tricks to increase the numbers of visitors to a particular website. Numbers of online portals provide information about this must to do exercise and to many web owners it seems an easy task or DIY (Do it yourself) exercise; however, it is not so. To get the effective result, we need the involvement of SEO experts.

While going through SEO oriented websites, it seems an easy to be done task that can be accomplished by hiring an in-house expert. Normally new web owners get the impression from these sites that it is all to do some activities with the addition of articles, blogs, and feedbacks and multimedia. It may be right option for small scale businesses that too for shorter period but after a certain period, results may not be quite satisfactory. The Google is the major search engine and no website can be optimized without taking notice of new Google updates. These updates make it compulsory to concentrate over website content quality.

What is local SEO?

Local search engine optimization is the most important for business companies which provide services to the local targeted public and that is where they generate the most amount of their revenue. People are extensively using search engines to find local products instead of the old school phone book.

popcorn IT is a South Asia based local Search Engine Optimization Company that provides local internet marketing for all types and sizes of companies that sell to geographic specific customers. Having high ranking on the search engine for location based keywords is a huge advantage in generating sales and business leads for your company. While our modern technology focuses on business presence in local maps and mobile searches, our customers also see an increase in natural ranking of their websites. Our SEO packages include the services of selection of perfect keywords, onsite optimization, inbound links, map listings, internet marketing and tracking.

Will SEO help improve sales and visitors?

Just your website looks fantastic, it does not guarantee that individuals will come across with your website and when they do not arrive at your site, it means that you have wasted lot of money and time. All business owners who have online, presence discuss about enhancing their sales. SEO is a complicated task and should be regarded as a vital part of internet promotion strategy; undoubtedly it is important part of any new website plan. Real SEO ensures that the article for your eCommerce website is appropriate and most notably it is read correctly by search engines and their crawling systems. In case you are worried and concerned about low revenues or drop in enquiries at your business, it is not the time to reduce your SEO, PR, and marketing budgets. It is time to support and enhance SEO activities to gain early benefits.